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Minecraft Steve joins Smash Bros.

"I said it was impossible."

Twitter broke (apparently) as Xbox’s own Minecraft chisled its way into Nintendo’s ultimate fighter.

Steve and Alex were unveiled at midnight (in Australia) in one of the game’s coolest reveals yet.

Steve and Alex are the game’s seventh paid-DLC fighters and the second included in Ultimate Fighter Pass 2.

Enemies Zombie and Enderman are also coming as two of the character’s alternative costumes.

We got a good look at many of their moves but how building works mid-fight is the big question.

Steve and Alex appear slow with very short-range melee attacks, backed up by powerful specials like the TNT.

They also appear to be able to fly?

Steve has many hidden abilities.

We won’t have to wait long to get an in-depth look at Steve and Alex.

Masahiro Sakurai will host a 45-minute presentation on Sunday (00:30 AEST) just before Minecraft Live and reveal when Steve and Alex will be released worldwide.

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