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Spider-Man’s face is different on PS5

Not the face!

Peter Parker’s face looks very different on PS5, and not just because it’s in 4K.

IGN posted the above comparison of the 2018 original and the 2020 remaster this morning.

Peter Parker has been completely remodelled!

Marvel’s Spider-Man was supposed to be a more experienced crime fighter but in 2020, he’ll look like a teen.

It’s unclear why developer Insomniac made such a dramatic change, but the internet (typically) got mad.

So are we Parzival!

The newer model definitely looks better technically and the improved lighting really sines in that scene with Dr Octavius, but Peter’s experince in the original game was character defining.

IGN has also posted some gameplay from the PS5 remaster.

What do you think? Will you be picking up the remastered original on PS5 or just sticking to the new Miles Morales game?

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