The new iPhone expected any day, here’s what we know

Leaks and rumours about Apple’s first 5G phone point to late October release.

The new models are rumoured to include an iPhone mini, a first for Apple, featuring a 5.4 inch screen.

The iPhone 12 will see the standard camera and processor upgrades, OLED displays and a new flat-edged design, similar to the older iPhone 4 and 5 models.

There’s also hints the phone will come in a new metallic blue colour, much like the upcoming Apple Watch series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6: all the colors and which Apple Watch 6 color should  you get - PhoneArena
Image: Apple Watch series 6 in blue aluminium.

New details are expected to be revealed in the coming days, with Apple to hold an online event early October. 

An image of packaging, alleged to be from the Apple distribution centre in Ireland, reveals three new phone case sizes, one for a 5.4” device, another for a 6.1” device and a larger case for a 6.7” device. 

Image: Twitter / @duanrui1205

Earlier this month Apple unveiled the latest iPad Air, as well as the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE, all releasing in October.

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