Amazon drones won’t be protecting Aussie homes

Ring’s “next-level, compact, lightweight, autonomously flying indoor security camera” revealed overnight.

Amazon’s home-security drone won’t be stopping hapless thieves in Australia. 

Ring’s “next-level, compact, lightweight, autonomously flying indoor security camera” was revealed at Amazon’s event overnight. 

The “Always Home Cam” is triggered when the burglar slide open (a presumably unlocked) glass door, and zooms toward him. He’s scared off and the Always Home Cam lands neatly back in its charging station. 

SOURCE: Amazon

We didn’t get an indication on price or how loud the indoor-drone is from the ad. 

It’ll launch next year in the US, but at this morning’s Amazon Australia briefing, the company was asked when we could expect the new Ring drone zipping through Aussie homes.

The answer: “they’re only launching in America at this moment.”

Same goes for Amazon’s new video-game streaming service ‘Luna’ and ‘Luna Plus’.

Dreamed up as a rival to Google Stadia, Luna can be played on your TV via Amazon’s Fire TV product, on your smartphone, Mac and PC. 

SOURCE: Amazon

It’s available via early-access in the US right now, and will feature more than 100 games at launch including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla according to Amazon. 

Ubisoft will get its own dedicated channel and bring Far Cry 6 and Immortals: Fenyx Rising at launch as well. 

You can play Amazon Luna with a PlayStation or Xbox controller, but a Luna gamepad will set you back $49.99USD.

SOURCE: Amazon

Luna Plus works more like Xbox’s Game Pass. Pay $5.99USD per month for access to 100+ games in 4K and 60fps. 

Games on the service include Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and GRID, but again, Luna isn’t coming to Australia any time soon. 

What will be hitting our shores is the new Fire TV Stick Lite and the improved Echo range, including the Echo Show 10.

Must Play will have hands-on impressions on all Amazon’s new toys coming to Australia in the coming weeks. 

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