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A young Jurassic Park fan’s dream: Camp Cretaceous review

Finally this franchise is doing something that I’ve been wanting forever, diving into an extended universe. Sure, there’s been comics, video games and even the odd novel, but now Jurassic Park, or Jurassic World, as it has evolved into, has its own Netflix show, CAMP CRETACEOUS!

It’s no secret I’m a Jurassic Park fan. I was six years old when my Dad took me to see the first film in theatres. I was absolutely blown away by the sheer beauty of the giant reptiles I was seeing on screen, whilst also cowering in fear at how terrifying they could be. But from that moment I was hooked. I had all the toys (still do), I made fan films, I even have a tattoo of the JP signal. So yeah I’m a fan.

The show is set before the events of the first Jurassic World film, the park is up and running and a complete success. Our hero Darius has beaten a JW video game that earns him the golden ticket to an all expenses paid romp at the park’s summer camp. Of course his love and curiosity for the island’s reptilian inhabitants leads him and the other kids to stray from the safety of the Camp Cretaceous program, putting them in harms clawed way, the likes of raptors and the big daddy Indominus Rex.

Sounds awesome right? This is everything I dreamed of when I was a kid. In fact I even remember writing a short story at the height of my Jurassic obsession that was called Cretaceous Park, which chronicled the adventures of me and my mates in a setting similar to this! I couldn’t think of anything cooler than being able to go to a camp on a dinosaur island. So why don’t I love this show?

I think it’s because it’s not made for me. Yes, I’m an uber fan, and I love the world building that is going on here, but this is a show made for kids. It’s a cartoon. It’s cringingly lame at times, the characters are painfully stereotypical and it’s cuts away anytime that a dinosaur eats somebody. And that’s ok.

Because this show has been created for the next generation of Jurassic fans, one of which my 11 month old son will (hopefully) be a part of. Unfortunately this has been the trend of the franchise of late, with director Colin Trevorrow at the helm (at least for the first movie and the short film that was released last year), things have been definitely getting a lot more ‘kiddy’. And while, when I was just a dude in my late twenties when Jurassic World was released this might have slightly offended me, now I know there is content based in my favourite world that I can show to my little fella without the fear that I’m giving him nightmares or scarring him for life.

I’m sure Star Wars fans felt the same when George Lucas went back and did Episode 1 and the Star Wars animated shows. Although this isn’t exactly what I want in a Jurassic World spin off, I’m still glad it exists. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

PS: For anyone who’s interested you can find one of our fan films below!

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