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PAX ’20 | ‘Innchanted’, own and run a magical tavern!

Innchanted features at PAX this year, there's a demo available for the next few days - I implore you to check it out!

Innchanted is an upcoming indie title by Melbourne game developers, DragonBear Studios.

Innchanted is a co-op adventure where you manage your own inn, serve guests, upgrade facilities and defend your piggy bank. It’s designed to be accessible by almost anyone – just pick up and play.

The premise? A magical inn owned by your uncle is suddenly taken over by an evil wizard who becomes your landlord (I think I’ve got that right). It’s a story concept for a game that looks strange on paper – but it’s a fun, original way to kick off the journey of managing your own magical bar while fighting off cat burglars and monsters. Did I mention the magical Koalas?

Innchanted’s graphic style is similar to Animal Crossing and the gameplay gives off huge Overcooked vibes (in a great way), the difference being the combat. Various types of monsters and thieves will storm into your inn to steal from you, scare your customers and slow you down.

Fun fact; The game features ‘optional violence’, which basically means the players aren’t forced to kill the monsters attacking – they can calm them down by feeding (should they choose).

Co-op play is encouraged, although you can play alone if you have to – it just gets tough. There’s an NPC you can activate to perform tasks for you, whether it’s refilling your drinks, fighting off monsters or feeding guests.

Jules caught up with Paulina Samy, creative director at DragonBear Studios. Check it out below!

Innchanted is expected to release on other platforms – Nintendo Switch confirmed.

Check out Innchanted on Steam.






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