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INVASION PLANET EARTH | Reaction + Interview with The Director

"The film 2020 deserves"

It’s Friday night (let’s just say), you’re not in the mood for Hollywood epic, you just want something to unwind, have a few drinks – have a laugh. Don’t worry, we’ve found the perfect new film to tick the boxes.

Last week Fish and I got together for a Zoom movie night and a film conveniently fell into our laps. We’re suckers for B-grade-horror and sci-fi. When we found out about Invasion Planet Earth we just had to see it.

We’re about to take you on a journey. Bear with us – you won’t regret it (we hope).

Firstly, watch this trailer:

Secondly, watch the film – or simply watch us react to the film:

Finally, meet Simon Cox, the film’s director.

Simon was once so desperate to fund his movie that he met with young, French gangsters in a Paris bar. He’s got quite a tale to tell. Near 20 years later he finished the movie.

We were lucky enough to chat with Simon during the week, watch and enjoy below:

Simon has worked in the film and television industry in the UK for most of his life, editing children’s TV shows before turning his focus to supernatural horror films (as you do). His first film , Written In Blood, was released in 1998, it was a semi-hit. It made it’s money back, and it gave Simon the drive to do more.

He set out to create a multi-million dollar science fiction epic! While it didn’t play out that way in the end, he’s proud of what he accomplished (and so he should be).

It’s easy to fire a shot online at a low-budget film, but it’s Simon’s story, his passion, his determination that really grabbed us.

17 years.

17 years it took him to put this together – that’s more than half our lives.

Simon pitched Kaleidoscope Man to every investor he could – every Dragon he could find, to no avail. He met with some dodgy French gangsters in a Paris bar (didn’t go through with that one). It was at that point he realised he needed to ask a wider audience for help. Simon, after multiple campaigns, crowd funded over $100,000 thanks to the generosity nearly 1000 people.

Fun fact; Simon learned how to create CGI for this film. He directed, edited and produced 95% of the special effects. Incredible stuff.

Let’s put aside the critic ratings, forget about the YouTube comments and one star reviews. Let’s just celebrate the idea of a man with a dream who did everything he possibly could to make it come true – and he did. Simon created a film that wasn’t just entertaining, – it got us thinking.

The film 2020 deserves?‘ In some ways it is. We do deserve something special after the shit show that is 2020.

Invasion Planet Earth is out NOW. You can rent or buy it on iTunes.

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  1. Glad you liked Invasion Plant Earth… I am one of the zombies from the film! It was a lot of fun , and Simon and the rest of the cast and crew were a dream to work with x

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