Samsung has launched a nation-wide treasure hunt, promising to give away hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars worth of its new phones.

The S20 range launched in Australia earlier this month.

‘Microcodes’ have been hidden in ads for the new phones all over the country and online.

Hero Visual 2

Codes are the word ‘phone’ spelt in a variety of ways and can be found within Samsung Experience stores, in Facebook, Instagram and online ads, in cinema spots and out in the wild from today.

The codes are VERY small so you may need the help of your smartphone camera’s zoom.

Hero Visual 5

Clues will be left on Samsung’s social channel. Instagrammer Demas Rusli and YouTubers Mr Muselk and Unlisted Leaf will also be dropping hints.

For Melburnians, the first clue is: “If you look were to look at a poster inside Samsung’s store at Highpoint Shopping Centre, you’d be barking up the right tree.”

You must 18+ and be the first to discover the code and enter it at the Micro-codes website to win –

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