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REVIEW | Two Point Hospital (PS4)

"We're sorry for the litter that you dropped... on our floor." Two Point Hospital is back! Out now on PS4, XBox and Switch.

Two Point Hospital is no stranger to success. Initially released on PC back in August 2018 by developers Two Point Studios, this business simulator still stands strong with its console port.

Two Point Hospital comes fully-loaded with 21 different hospitals (levels), DLC included and 119 illnesses for you to (try) cure.

The aim of the game is to build and manage a hospital empire. Meet patient requirements, hire the right doctors, manage funds (this is important). Each hospital has its own unique properties, from a plague of clowns to earthquakes. Hospitals come with their own challenges, one being set on a university campus and all doctors are students, this meant you had to train them all to cater for patient requirements – it was tough!

One of the more strenuous tasks in Two Point Hospital is making sure certain staff, with specific training and skills, stick to what they know best. If you’ve played similar tycoon games before this’ll be a breeze, setting the jobs list can be overwhelming if you don’t keep up. (1).gif

The game controls take merely a few minutes to master, as you’d hope to expect with any PC to console port. The simplicity of the controls in Two Point Hospital mean less time fussing – more time playing. In comparison, I recently picked up The Sims 4 (thanks to PS Plus) and quickly put it down due to its frustrating control layout.

I struggled with the aspect ratio on my TV, the game didn’t fit well on my screen. I haven’t found a fix for this issue just yet, but it didn’t cause the game to be unplayable. There’s an update expected at the end of March which i’m hopeful will rectify this. The update is also expected to include two new game modes, Sandbox Mode and The Superbug Initiative.

Two Point Hospital boasts family friendly gameplay, the developers have removed the emotion from the hospital environment. Yes, people can still die in this game, but it’s almost comical. When a patient dies they become a ghost, then one of your specifically trained janitors has to suck it up with the vacuum… Ghostbusters style.

With an in-game radio station, not dissimilar to Grand Theft Auto (minus the R rating), there’s always something interesting happening while you wait for a machine to be upgraded or staff to be trained. The game’s soundtrack and voice overs are relaxing and humorous.

There’s always a new illness to cure, there’s always a new task or piece of machinery needed – it’s difficult to get bored. Two Point Hospital is a must play for any simulator/tycoon gamer, or if you’re new to the genre this charming game would be a great place to start.

Two Point Hospital will set you back about $49 on PS4, $59 on Switch or you can pick it up on Xbox Game Pass.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – SHOULD PLAY

Two Point Hospital was supplied to Must Play for review. 


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