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A bit overwhelming at first, the OMEN X 2S looks great, feels good and packs an almighty punch!

The OMEN X 2S looks great, feels good and packs an almighty punch, but can be overwhelming at first.

Lifting the lid reveals a beautiful 144HZ 15.6″ screen. It’s a gamer’s dream in an era where modern, competitive shooters demand precision at a butter-smooth frame rate.

Beneath it is a vibrant RBG keyboard and a multi-touch, perfectly placed so it doesn’t get in the way while you game. But the star of this show is the laptop’s second screen, a six inch touch panel which I’ll get to in a moment.

Inside you’ve got a Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card, Intel i7 9th Gen processor and up to 1TB SSD. For those who love to upgrade, there’s a single panel underneath the computer that enables you to upgrade the hard drive, SDD and RAM with ease.

The X2 S is connectivity friendly, that’s for sure. Three USB 3.1 ports, USB C port (perfect for the Outpost mouse pad that otherwise would’ve taken up two USB ports), HDMI output, Ethernet connection and a dual 3.5mm headphone/microphone port. Incredible how all of this can fit in a 2cm high laptop.

Now that all the technical guff is out of the way it’s time to play. My first predicament was, “What game can I test on this bad boy!?”.


The pressure was on.

I contemplated The Witcher 3 but with enough pressure from Must Play’s, Ryan Mason, I gave in to Battle State Game’s ‘Escape from Tarkov’. The game is still in beta but it’s a stunning example of modern gaming with huge maps, realistic lighting, high resolution textures and its online elements.


In my testing I found little to no dips in frame rate while running the game at maximum settings at an a average of 60fps throughout an entire online match. Maso has been banging on about Tarkov for years and this was the perfect device to begin my journey on.

See some game highlights below:

I also loaded up PubG. Once again, I couldn’t fault the gameplay on ultra settings. It’d run hot after a lengthy play, but the X 2S’s liquid metal cooling system seemed to do the trick.

The RGB keyboard lights are vibrant and completely customisable. You could set a colour for each individual key if you are inclined to do so.

The colour schemes match almost every HP Omen accessory. This month I’m using the Photon mouse and the stunning Outpost mousepad, throw in a Mindframe headset and your game station is complete. All of these accessories can be customised using the OMEN Command Centre on the X 2S.

The OMEN Command Centre has a few other nifty tricks, including network booster controls, temperature management and other performance control options.

Six inch screen quick buttons.

At first take, the six inch panel felt like a gimmick but it wasn’t long before I found multiple uses for its touchscreen.

Switching between windows at the hit of a button, running my latest Spotify playlist and keeping up with mates on Discord was a breeze without losing real-estate on the main screen or taking myself out of the game.

It’s pure luxury. One I never knew I needed until it was there.

That being said, it’s a luxury that may make your wallet cry to have.

The OMEN X 2S base model will set you back about $4,000 (AUD).

That’s much more expensive than desktops with comparable power but if you’ve got the cash and you’re a gamer that needs grunt on the go, it’s one of the best options money can buy.


Must Play were loaned a review unit of the HP OMEN X 2S.

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