Do you remember when the latest – and greatest – smartphone cost less than $1000?
Me neither.
Apple’s top of the line, 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max cost an eye-watering $2499 when it released last month. The cheapest Pro Max is $1899 for the 64GB model.
Ten years ago when the original iPhone 3G launched in Australia, the biggest 16GB model would have set you back $399 up-front on a $30 monthly plan.
On Android it’s more of a mixed bag.
While you can find Huawei and Oppo touchscreen phones for well below $300, Samsung’s flagship – the 5G Note 10 Plus – will set you back $1999.
Admittedly, it’s a powerhouse.
In the hyper-connected 21st century, choosing the right phone is critical for work and play. But how much is too much for the pleasure?
Starting at $1049, the Pixel 4 packs plenty of punch without leaving your bank account empty. But how does it stack up against the best?
Mark Santomartino compares the new Pixel 4XL against Samsung’s Note 10 plus juggernaut.
Review unit provided by Google.
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