Banging soundtrack, punishing controls.

Music and the Legend of Zelda go hand in hand.

Link has mastered everything from the Harp to the Ocarina, but never has their tune been as critical to the franchise’s gameplay as it is in ‘Cadence of Hyrule’.

It’s a classic 2D Zelda adventure, set to a beat.

Every step, parry and swing of your sword – must be perfectly timed. It’s a mechanic that is satisfying in success, and downright frustrating in failure.

Miss the beat, and you don’t move.

You can play as both Link and Zelda; disappointingly, there’s little difference between them. Both can use the same weapons, and only the final dungeon forces you to switch between the two.

Ditching the joystick for the D-Pad is recommended, but can lead to cramp city in handheld play. I personally preferred using the joystick on my pro controller.


There are four dungeons and four musically inspired bosses to beat. None are particularly tough once you figure out their pattern, until downright brutal showdown with Ganon.

Difficulty spikes aside, the star of this show is the remixed music.

As badass as Gerudo Valley sounds, losing yourself in its glorious electric guitar is tough when you’re laser focused on not dying.

Pick this one up if you’re a Zelda fan looking for a challenge, But downloading the soundtrack may be easier and more enjoyable.

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