Promises are what drive the hype at E3, and by god has Ubisoft delivered a bomb with Watch Dogs Legion.

Even after leaks (and Ubi’s subsequent confirmation) spoiled the reveal, name and setting of the franchise’s third installment, today’s trailer hit hard.

“God save the NPCs.”

Set in a post-Brexit London devoid of government where the streets are patrolled by armoured drones, extremist factions battle for power.

Your job is to build a resistance of killer grandmas! Or at least you can.

Watch Dogs Legion promises to let you play as ANYONE. Any NPC, each with their own backstory and traits, can be recruited and exploited for their specific skill set.


It’s a concept with undeniable possibilities, but this is a video game, and today’s 15 minute reveal was already showing its limits.

How many killer grannies could their be in any city? How about MMA fighters ready to be brute brawlers in a makeshift army?

Apparently there’s a fair few roaming the streets of future London. I spotted two MMA fighters in the trailer alone.

Every video game has limitations. Fans could never expect Ubisoft to create eight million unique people with individualised skills that are uniquely applicable to our “resistance”, but where do we set the bar?

100? 50? 15?

Watch Dogs Legion will live or die on that promise.

I only hope it packs as much punch in practice as it has on the E3 stage.

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