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TOY STORY 4: Full Length trailer drops!

The Toy Story 4 first official full length trailer is here!

Arguably Disney/Pixar’s greatest franchise, the Toy Story saga has spanned over 2 generations, kicking off when people in their late 20’s/early 30’s were just children themselves, being swept away into a world where your toys came alive when you weren’t around. Now a fourth instalment in the series is due for release in June and these now-adults will introducing their own children to this incredibly rich world.

The trailer gives us a taste of the movie’s plot line. The toy’s owner Bonnie makes herself a new toy in class, Forky: basically a spork with eyes and limbs made from pipe cleaners. Woody declares that Forky is now Bonnie’s favourite toy and they must keep him safe. But after having an identity crisis, Forky jumps out of the family’s moving vehicle, and Woody follows in a rescue attempt, therefore getting lost along with him. The other toys are on the hunt, trying to find their old buddy and their new pal, while Woody and Forky have an encounter with some creepy ventriloquist dummies, reconnect with Bo-Peep and end up at a carnival where it look like Woody will be questioning whether it would be better to stay there or head back to Bonnie.

This looks super fun. What with a sleight of fan-fave characters returning and some intriguing new ones, this is sure to be a riot. I’m not sure if I’m ready for when them feels hit though, if it’s anything like Toy Story 3, I’ll be crying like a baby.


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