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REVIEW | ‘Anthem’ is Good, But It Needs More

“It’s here, the FULL game – but it doesn’t feel exactly ‘full’.”
Ryan Mason got stuck into Anthem on PC over the last week, here’s his thoughts:

There’s a constant feeling that I’m playing an incomplete game. It’s buggy and they definitely needed some more time iron out a few issues.
I’ve had several instances where the game has crashed, even after downloading and installing the latest patch the game has crashed a further four times this week.
Another major problem is loading times, you can’t change your load-out during a mission or in freeplay, you can’t even see what loot you’ve picked up until your back to The Forge. When you head to The Forge you’re greeted with a pain-in-the-arse load screen, and another on the way out!
This, coupled together with the overly long dialog between you and your allies, means your spending way too much time away from whats really fun in the game.
Where Anthem really shines is in its combat, flexible movement, vast differences between the four javelins, every engagement is unique.
Another big tick; There’s hardly any cool down for your grenade and special abilities. They’re the coolest, right?! So why not be able to use them all the time.
That’s one thing that Destiny 2 got wrong, the grenade cool down was an eternity and it seems Anthem has learnt from that.
I’m still struggling to see flying as anything more that what the Sparrow was in Destiny. Its just a way to get around quicker. Yeah, it looks cool but after a while you will get over it. Using the hover ability however can be very useful, especially with a melee only enemy.
Unfortunately, even just after Anthem’s release, it needs more content. These types of games are supposed to have a never ending staircase to climb. But after you’ve reached level 30 and are around 360 – 380 power level you will start to see the end.
There isn’t much left to do.
This has been addressed by EA, they’ve come out saying that ‘more is on the way – but we don’t know when’, and sadly it needs it now. Hardcore gamers will reach these levels in a week maybe two and move on.
Another problem that Anthem will face is an over saturation of games in this genre. With the recent release of Apex Legends and The Division 2 set for release next month, it’s going to be hard for Anthem to pull a player base already stretched thin.
Not only that players will need to have serious conversations with their friends on which one’s to buy and spend time in. All of these games are significantly improved when playing with friends, so if your playing Anthem but all your buddies are playing Apex Legends then your probably going to switch over and join them.
Anthem is incredibly fun, but has an incredibly awkward mix of bugs, long load times and endgame content (lack of).
So the BIG question is, will I be playing Anthem in a couple months time?
If nothing changes… It’s a NO.
Sadly, Anthem is 2 out 5 stars, flawed play.

:star::star:– Flawed Play

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