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I don’t know who’s in charge of art direction at Nintendo but we need to talk.

We fans are used to the brand’s cartoon-y style and for the most part, it works!

Windwaker and Mario Kart 8 still look amazing years later, and I hope I’m one day eating my words, but the long-awaited reveal of the GameBoy classic Link’s Awakening remake looked plainer than I thought possible.

After opening with a stunning anime cut-scene, we’re taken to the top-down gameplay where the character models look like they’re made of play-doh.

Screenshot (8).png

It’s clean, it’s colourful and god-dammit I’ll spend $90 on a digital version because it’s Zelda and I have a problem.

Whoever thought the Switch would usher in an era of hyper-detailed top down or 2D iterations in the Zelda, Metroid and Pokemon franchises is quickly losing hope.

Can’t say I’m holding my breath for Gen 8’s reveal later this year.

Here’s everything that happened in today’s direct.


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