RETRO RESCUERS | The thrifty couple turning ‘trash’ into cash

Meet the thrifty couple from Melbourne finding gold amongst the old.

Meet the thrifty couple from Melbourne finding gold amongst the old.

Mitchell and Erin trawl the suburbs and beyond for items others wouldn’t blink at, turning old video games and toys into cash.


We asked the Retro Rescuers how they created a full-time gig out of selling pre-loved goods.

Who are Retro Rescuers?
“We are a couple from Melbourne, Victoria who got bored with the 9-5. We decided to try and do our hobby full-time! We source and resell second hand goods.”

How long have you been thrifting?
“Mitchell has been thrifting since he can remember. Erin caught the bug after being dragged along to one too many opshops about 2 years ago.”

What are you looking for when you’re on the hunt?
“Like any person we obviously want the million dollar items. Although, our luck has yet to be so fortunate!
Our bread and butter are vintage clothing, toys, video games, electronics and anything that pulls at the nostalgic heart strings.”

What’s your reaction when you find something special or of value?
“Well the first rule of thrifting to resell is not to show your hand. Getting too excited or emotional over a good find can sometimes end up biting you in the bum. The shop people catch on and you’ll never score a good deal like that in there again.
We won’t lie, sometimes we let out a little squeal.”


It’s not just op shops, where else do you look for a bargain?
“Anywhere and everywhere! Garage sales, markets, Facebook market place, retail stores.
Since we’ve been doing this for a while, word of mouth works for us too. People are starting to reach out to us.”

What’s been your best find?
“Recently, it would have to be this dinosaur figurine from Jurassic World. He was called Indominus Rex and had some pretty cool light and sound features. We picked it up at a Vinnies for $3, sold within 48 hours for $163. That’s the kind of profit margin you like to see right?!”


Do you go in with a budget?
“No particular budget, some days we are a little more frugal, typically when we have been op shopping every day of the week haha,  If it’s a good bargain and we can sell it, we will buy it!”

Where can people follow you?
“Find us on our Instagram @retro.rescuers or on YouTube:
Make sure you come check out our adventures!”

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