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REVIEW: ‘Call of Cthulhu’ (PS4)

'Call of Cthulhu' is dark, mysterious and at times… Kinda’ scary!

‘Call of Cthulhu’ is dark, mysterious and at times… Kinda’ scary!

Based on H.P Lovecraft’s short story of the same name, the game transports you back to the 1920s where you’re placed in the shoes of private detective, Edward Pierce.

Image result for call of cthulhu hp lovecraft book
HP Lovecraft fans will love this game.

You’re tasked to investigate the mystery surrounding the death of the Hawkins family (while facing your own demons) on the gloomy island of Darkwater.

Call of Cthulhu is a first-person RPG, unlike 2005’s Call of Cthulhu game which was first-person shooter, made by French game developers, Cyanide (Blood Bowl, Space Hulk).

The game begins with a (spoiler) dream sequence as you’re crawling your way through piles of rotting fish and whales (I could almost smell it!), sneaking around a tentacle worshiping cult.

When you awake you’re given the option to have a swig of whiskey – then phone rings. After that it’s not long before you’re dumped back into that festering hole.


Various dialogue options seemingly lead you through the story – but almost every path gets you the same result regardless – it feels quite linear.

Call of Cthulhu also has a rather pointless character development system. You can upgrade an overwhelming number of skills that hardly affect the gameplay, some skills will open up different dialogue options and occasionally help you jump a small step ahead – I feel it would be better left without.

Another pointless ‘ability’ is a kind of detective mode which allows you to see part of the room as a memory so-to-speak. VERY similar to Batman Arkham Knight’s detective mode – but WAY less practical.

Character animation is clunky, but easily forgiven. The world is quite detailed and the artwork impresses. The game features many puzzles, allowing you time to stop and think throughout the narrative.

There’s a few moments of horror during the game – which I won’t spoil!


Cath-ool-loo, Cah-too-loo, Cth-oo-loo – how ever you say it, it’s irrelevant. Call of Cthulhu is a perfect game to kill time waiting for that next big release.

RATING: Good Play

Jules reviewed Call of Cthulhu on PlayStation 4.

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