"There's only one true way to end evil... Let the devil out."


“There’s only one true way to end evil… Let the devil out.”

Netflix has just dropped a teaser for its third season of Marvel’s Daredevil series, and boy does it get dark.

Everyone’s favourite blind-superhero, Matt Murdoch has long struggled with killing his enemies (something that both the Punisher and Elektra have excelled at themselves), but if this trailer is any indication, its the line he might have to cross to bring down Wilson Fisk once and for all.

“You can suffocate evil, starve it, lock it behind bars, but it will find a way to come back even stronger.”

Daredevil 2

After a look at a bloodied Matt, we get a few glimpse of the ‘Kingpin’ putting on his iconic white suit in this trailer. Safe to say he’ll be back as a bigger threat after a limited role in season two.

The faint outline of Avengers tower also makes an appearance in the official poster (below).

Daredevil Season 3 is set to arrive on Netflix on October 19, 2018.



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