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Is BlackOps 4 the PUBG Killer?

What a week!

The beta for Call of Duty’s new Battle Royale mode has just wrapped up. There was high expectation for this, it is the first major game developer’s crack at BR’s that the public have been able to get there hands on. Call of Duty is arguably the biggest game franchise in the world and the success of the Battle Royale genre has rubbed off on it. This will be the first Call of Duty to not feature a single player campaign, some saying that this new Blackout mode is its replacement.


The one thing that COD does so well is mobility and the gun play and i can safely say that in Blackout nothing has changed, it is perfect, it has the quintessential Call of Duty feel and like always it never dipped below 60fps. The guns feel fantastic and there are plenty of them, you won’t find yourself going into many buildings and not finding any. Which is great for the early game battles. It did take me awhile to get my head around all the weapons, most i have never heard of and i didn’t know if they were a assault rifle or a submachine gun. Once i grabbed the first gun i found, started chasing a bloke, held down the trigger to let off a volley of automatic fire only to find out it was a shotgun.


I had the same problem with the inventory screen, its a little bit different to what I’m used to and i was spending way to much time looking at that and trying to figure out where my attachments have gone. Why can’t i see both guns I’m carrying. This knowledge will all come in time, and i can see myself putting a similar amount of hours into Blackout as i have with PUBG.


The map is by far the largest map that COD has ever made, not quite as big as Erangel (the first map in PUBG) but more like the size of Fortnite, Blackouts map however has great nostalgic feel to it. The area is littered with fan favourite multiplayer maps that feature in previous games. Yes you can wing suit straight into Nuke Town!


The first couple of days in this beta it was limited to 80 players just for testings sake which for the last day was extended out to 100. This is a huge feat for Treyarch, while PUBG and Fortnite are on the low side graphically, COD has incredibly detailed textures and player models. On occasion i would find myself stuck in the lobby with 15 other people and unable to find enough players for the match to start. But this happened very rarely and most games it was almost a instant start.

Blackout matches are fast paced, way more chaotic and less camping, which sits in perfectly for a COD game. I never found myself struggling with the circle, it gave you time to engage, loot and still make it quite easily into the next zone. What also helps is that there are plenty of vehicles, and a great addition, Helicopters!


The developers obviously have some reach into the game whilst live too, one stage during the final day of the Beta there was a zombie boss on the map.

This COD is going to divide their core audience, i defiantly know people who only play COD for the single player and vice versa for the multiplayer. I can’t see the single player guys liking Blackout any more than the original multiplayer. If anything its more stressful, there really isn’t anything in this years version of COD for them.

It wasn’t without its bugs and Treyarch has already announced a number of fixes and changes to Blackout for when its released. They range from adjusting the strength of armour and its drop rate, a number of audio fixes mainly to do with footsteps, and to increase the speed of picking up items especially for console players.

Having said that, the three days i had with the Blackout Beta i loved and ill be alongside a lot of people cueing up in the lobby when this game launches on October 12.

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