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This. Game. Is. Amazeballs. 

Soaring through Manhattan for the first time I had to stop my body swaying along with each web swing. This game brings to life every child’s dream (well, mine at the very least).

A huge pat on the back to developers, Insomniac (Spyro/Ratchet and Clank series). This game was made by Spider-Man fans, for Spider-Man fans.

The game’s story, while i’m yet to complete it, captures your heart. It’s just like an extended (and REALLY good) Marvel movie.

The music builds at every swing, every interaction; setting the mood for every scenario.

Attention to detail in this game is extremely comforting, prime example: When you receive a phone call while swinging through the city you’ll sound busy/breathless, but the second you stop on a rooftop to chat it’s as you’d expect – collected and no longer knackered.

Spider-Man is Easter Egg heavy – in the best way possible. From the comics to the movies, surprises sure to bring on a smile at every corner.

Each suit you unlock is a complete game-changer, with special abilities attached to almost every pair of tights (not to mention all the upgrades and gadgets).

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180909104716
IMAGE: Spider-Man photo mode is a game in itself.

The graphics are ‘on-point’. There’s nothing more eye-catching than swinging down one of New York City’s longest and busiest streets while the sun is setting. The light catches on everything and is truly spectacular.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180907205719

The combat, while similar to the Batman: Arkham series, is exactly how it should be. Spider-Sense is true to itself, giving the player ample time to react to dangerous blows.

I could go on and on, but this is just a taste.

The game is seemingly close to perfect on the surface – full review to come.

We’ll dive deep on the Must Play podcast this week – so stay tuned!

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