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REVIEW: Strange Brigade (PS4)

Ancient Egyptian zombies and gods are VERY underrated in my opinion, and while simple – this game does (in a small way) capture that magic.

Ancient Egyptian zombies and gods are VERY underrated in my opinion, and while simple – this game does (in a small way) capture that magic.

Strange Brigade is the latest release by British developers, Rebellion (Sniper Elite).  This third-person shooter bares strong similarities to ‘COD Zombies’ and ‘Left 4 Dead’, but confidently produces its own fresh take on the genre.

You assume the role of an adventurer in the early 1900s and team up with three other players to fight against different mythological enemies like mummies, ghouls and giant scorpions.

Your main objective is to navigate through a level while killing hordes and hordes of zombies. After each kill, collect coins from their corpses (or souls) and buy weapons and unlock areas with those coins.

Each character has their own ‘amulet power’, or special move – character’s special moves are activated by accumulating souls of the enemies killed.

While this game can be played solo and does have a campaign mode… It is still 100% designed to be a multiplayer game. And if you had a group of friends together to play four-player couch co-op – you’d be mad not too! Oh wait… There’s no split screen. Doh’!

‘Strange Brigade’ also offers a season pass for future DLC, but I wouldn’t waste your coins.


I played the campaign alone and often found myself saying, “Where my friends at?” – especially when the narrator constantly refers to you (the player) as “players”.

“Come on Strange Bridge!” and “Will the Strange Brigade be able to get out of this one?”.

Some of the animations are little clunky at times – like when rolling off an edge or drinking a potion on the run, but the maps are a good size and while linear they do have the option to explore a little further. There’s secrets and puzzles that will unlock special items and more coins… (Yay).

I love a good puzzle, but the puzzles in this game were honestly too easy, and I can image with the addition of three other minds in your team – they’d be even easier! Quite often the solution is literally written on the wall in front of you.

There is the great addition of traps throughout the levels to aid you in killing zombies/mummies etc. These really come in handy in ‘Horde Mode’ which will see you face off with wave after wave of the undead.

The weapon upgrade system is quite simple and didn’t excite me too much. I found the special upgrade stones (used to add extra stats/abilities to your weapons) difficult to locate and petty.

During the campaign I found myself extremely cashed up and with nothing to buy. I imagine if I had three others playing campaign with me the money would be more spread out.

While this game isn’t perfect, it’s a good ride. If you are picking this up – play with friends… Or strangers…

RATING: ‘Good Play’

Strange Brigade is out now on PS4, PC and XBOX ONE.



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