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MUST PLAY: Pre-Xmas Console Games

E3 is long gone and despite Nintendo claiming to have a few extra cards up their sleeves, it’s safe to say we know all the big hitters coming to consoles in 2018.

As we brace for the return of Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry and Gears of War in 2019, here are seven titles we can’t wait for that are coming by Christmas.

Overcooked 2

OVERCOOKED 2 – August 7
Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

If anyone told me that they hadn’t played Overcooked before its sequel was announced, I would harass them until they gave in and bought it. Frantically building burgers, salads and soups alongside my brother or my girlfriend (who struggles with Yoshi) is some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing couch co-op. What’s coming on August 7 looks even better, adding online multiplayer for up to four chefs. Don’t sleep on this one, wait for a discount and forget about it. This, for us, is a day one buy.  

We Happy Few

WE HAPPY FEW – August 10
PS4, Xbox One, PC

We Happy Few had my curiosity at E3. Now, after finding out it had initially been banned in Australia, it has my attention. This one is rated R18+ in our country so it’s definitely not suitable for a kid’s Christmas stocking. A creepy, alternative for 1960’s England beckons for anyone with an ingrained dislike for the man, and wants to escape. One look at the maniacally masked police and their happy-pills is enough to make me want to escape come August 10.   


SPIDER-MAN – September 7

Web-swinging through all of New York in 4K with never-ending momentum? Yes, please. Insomniac appears to have taken the best bits of the Arkham series’ combat and improved it for everyone’s favourite, neighbourhood Spider-Man. Here’s hoping there aren’t TOO many quick-time events and that the mysterious villain teased in the E3 trailer turns out to be Toby Maguire’s landlord. 10/10

Megaman 11

MEGAMAN 11 – October 2
Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

I sucked at Megaman as a kid. Grinding through every level to work out which powers work best against which boss never really appealed to my fumbly fingers when I could barely make it to a boss to begin with. Having graduated from Cuphead, Hollow Knight and Shovel Knight however, my love for a challenging side-scrolling was reborn and I blasted through Megaman 2 on my SNES Classic. Capcom has had an excellent run reinventing Resident Evil and taking Monster Hunter to a new level, so hopes are high for the Blue Bomber.  


PS4, Xbox One, PC

Ezio Auditore hit my eye like a big pizza pie, but ever since, my amore for Assassin’s Creed has dwindled. I haven’t finished an Assassin’s Creed since the franchise left Italy’s shores but last year’s recreation of Egypt for Origins certainly piqued my interest. Bringing the franchise back to Europe, introducing a playable female lead and the chance to boot some Ancient Greeks of a cliff like a Spartan King who never heard the phrase “don’t shoot the messenger,” has my finger firmly on the pre-order trigger.  

Red Dead 2

PS4, Xbox One

Confession: I have never played the original Red Dead Redemption. Shocking, I know but I’m keen to rectify this glaring black-spot on my gaming record. Straight after Rockstar dropped that glorious third trailer I ordered the OG for Xbox One. Planning my run to time out just before the sequel launches and blows GTA 5’s online out of the water. Let me rob my mate’s banks and build the western empire I was destined to control.


Nintendo Switch

I bought a Wii U to play Super Smash Bros. in HD. If that’s not love for a franchise, I don’t know what is. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is being billed as just that, the Ultimate version of my favourite fighting game. Final smashes have been reworked and look cooler than ever, but I personally can not wait to turn off all items and duke it out on Final Destination with whatever new characters Daddy Sakurai has in store for us. Ridley won over almost every long-time fan at E3 and Snake (along with every fighter ever!!!) is back, now I just need Banjo. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is open to talking about it. Make. It. Happen. Nintendo.