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The ‘Battle’ is on with two new contenders in the ‘Royale’ genre

There's two new 'Battle Royale' games going head-to-head against the juggernauts...

There’s two new ‘Battle Royale’ games going head-to-head against juggernauts PUBG and Fortnite.

Realm Royale and Cuisine Royale are both ‘free to play’ – and surprise, surprise… Both are in early access.

But do they stack up?


cuisine royale 01

Set in the WW2 era, you’ll find plenty of M1 Garands and Thompsons here. But you won’t find any classic amour look, Cuisine Royale has ditched traditional armour, instead opting for a unique look. As you loot a house, you can pick up any number of kitchen utensils to stick onto you head or wear over your shoulders. By mid-game you are running around head to toe in pots, pans, knives and forks clinking and clanking as you try to loot a house as silently as possible – hence the name ‘Cuisine Royale’. A lot of people are going to love jumping into war with a pot on their head, but if you feel as though they have missed a chance to create a fully WW2 simulator BR, keep in mind that Battlefield V and a more modern setting of COD Blackops4 are coming out soon anyway.

The map looks gorgeous. The way the grass moves and the light shines through the trees makes it the best looking BR game so far. You would think that would chug your PC, but even in early access the optimisation is spot on. This BR is silky smooth and able to maintain high FPS throughout the entire map.

So far only 30 people jump in per map, this really needs to be lifted to 80 -100. But at the start of the match there is no lobby of people jumping around. Also, there’s no plane flying along to jump out of, you just spawn on the ground and start looting. This game is insanely fun, and with Duo’s and Squad mode being added, its always better with a mate.




Realm Royale is a Paladins spin-off, which tried to tap into the success of Overwatch. This then would seem like another risky venture for them going head to head with the big boys in BR’s. Realm Royale style looks more like a cross between Fortnite and World of Warcraft but it offers some different mechanics to a BR that we haven’t seen before. At the start of every match you have the choice between 5 different characters, each with their own set of skills, special abilities and weapons. This is a great step for Battle Royales, moving away from everyone has nothing and is exactly the same jumping into a map, Into players choosing from the start what set up and skills they want from the beginning.

But to gain access those special abilities and weapons you will have to first find, and ignite a forge. Forges are numerous around the map, and once you have broken down enough materials from weapons and armour found, you can use those materials in the forge to create special weapons, armour and abilities specific to your character. There is a catch however, whenever a forge is ignited large plums of smoke billow out the top which is then visible to everyone on the map, giving away your location. Because most BR’s mid game can be boring and often turn into a running sim, Forges change that and are often contested by many players who have gathered enough materials.


There’s no reviving in Realm Royale, instead when you are shot you’ll turn into a chicken. If you can escape and not be finished off by players you will automatically turn back into your character. These situations can be tense as your chicken flees and hides under the stairs whilst players search far and wide to find you, you count down the remaining seconds to sprout back up and attack again. It is very satisfying guiding your chicken to an eventual escape. Duos and Squads up to 4 are available.


It will be interesting to watch if these two new arrivals survive. Recently, new comer Radical Heights, was forced to shut down their studio after their games Lawbreakers and Radical Heights failed to gain enough traction.

My money would be on Realm Royale to make it through, its unique mechanics and gameplay really set it apart from the others – which means it can attract its own group of core players, rather than try and poach players from already successful Battle Royale’s

Both Realm Royale and Cuisine Royale are currently free to play on Steam.

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